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Shot some stuff while everyone was out having fun

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    Originally posted by Marckusw View Post
    1st off Mr. K., this is outstanding. Really a pleasure to experience.

    @Mark, I have to 2nd Kofa on the Pocket. We have the 2.5 ef and Pocket in Argentina. We do a fair amount of rental with the son going along as ac or op. The DPs often times go with the Pocket for the ease of work flow. My son loves it for its size.

    Before I dropped it off with him I shot a show with it and the 4k. They were easy to cut together. I picked it up on an Adorama deal that I just couldn't say no to. I was going to pick up a 2nd BMCC or a 4k. I was hesitant on the 4k due to the workflow in Argentina. The sale happened and I can only say I am amazed at what a great camera it is.

    We use the Metabones Pocket specific adapter with the Hoya IR. NDs are a set the Hoya Pros from the endless thread here at BMCUSER. I picked them up from the dealer in Poland on Ebay. Its was still $100s less than B&H even after 50% import duty in Arg.

    Cards are the Sandisk Pro 95s 64gs, same reasoning as Mr. K.
    Thanks Marckus. The pocket's size and IQ combo can't be beat.
    my work