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Short film footage - bmcc, samyang lenses

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  • Short film footage - bmcc, samyang lenses

    Hey everyone,

    Here is a link to footage from a short film that was shot in September 2014. Unfortunately, the sound was atrocious and not fixable (the sound guy had a bad back on the day and some crew members pulled out. Equipment had already been rented so we had to shoot).

    The only way to make the film is to go back and re-shoot the entire thing. Our location is almost imppossible to get back again. So I just decided to move on to the next project. But I cut the footage together with what would have possible been close to the final grade.

    Have a look see, hopefully you like the footage. Their is no sound in this video. I wasn't planning on sharing this (I was sending it to actors so they could use some of the 'looks' in their showreel), but I thought I may aswel show you fine folk some of the footage.

    Next, my debut feature film.

    -- Vimeo --



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    Might want to check your upload or render settings. You've taken a huge hit in resolution there with a lot of artifacting. Also highlights look kinda rough in the end shots.


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      You could always ADR and foley the sound


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        My render is fine but for some reason it's looking awful on Vimeo. The highlights seem to be on tipping point on all my graphs (which was the way it was meant) but they do look a little different on vimeo for some reason. I suppose cinematography is all about the story and if it suits it anyway so it's hard to judge from a couple of silent images that don't say much. I'll have to have a look at re-uploading to vimeo though and see what's going on.

        ADR and foley is out of the question. Film was a small budget unfortunately. It ended up being just me and 2 actors from an original crew of 6. Well the sound guy was there, but he did have a sore back so. Just a testing of the camera and all anyway.


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          I say you should have just uploaded the peice with the less than stella sound. The only people who would have complained are filmmaking zealots like us. Your general audience more than likely would have simply maxed out their volume and dealt with it. I know I would have liked to hear it regardless.