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Cessna 182 - BMPCC Cinematography Test

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  • Cessna 182 - BMPCC Cinematography Test

    Hey everyone!
    I filmed this yesterday in preparation for a short action film I'll be making in the next few weeks called "What You See". Yesterday, we visited the airplane that we will be making a special appearance in the film - a beautiful Cessna 182. I used the opportunity to grab some nice shots and grade and compile them into a short clip. Enjoy! I'd love to hear any feedback from you guys. 

    All the best! Enjoy!

    VIDEO: Cessna Cinematography Test

    Josiah Stendel

    First Short Film ---> A pickpocket's life get's radically changed when he finds a Bible in the pocket of one of the people he tried to rob.
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    Very blue and low contrast. Is that the look you are going for?


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      I think you could probably help the look just by bringing the blacks down a bit. It'll add a bit more depth. If you're already using Davinci Resolve, a fantastic way to get a solid look right away is by using a LUT. Whether one created by the colorists on this forum like Kholi, or even the REC 709 LUT that's already built into Resolve. It'll get all the colors where they need to be and then you just goof around with the lift / gamma / gain wheels until it's to your liking.

      Will you be shooting in the cockpit along with the Pilot? I did that last summer in Seattle, a little Cessna just like that... was a lot of fun, even got to take over the yoke and pilot the plane for a minute.
      Test footage Vimeo page: