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3d models of BMMCC cages

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  • 3d models of BMMCC cages


    I'm building a collection of 3d models for BMMCC cages for people to use as a reference when creating accessories (if you are interested in making stuff that fit multiple cages). I'll attach them to this post for all to use for free as I finish them.

    Here is a video of my first offering - the SmallRig cage. I'm not advocating this cage of any other, it is just the one I own and therefore the first I modelled .

    As I make them I'll add them to this post. I haven't had much luck getting dimensional drawings from manufacturers but it looks like this might change. The next model will hopefully be the 8Sinn.
    The model should be accurate though I did measure it by hand using my Geiger digital caliper. If you see any glaring errors let me know and I'll fix and replace.
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    file is not possible to open in solidworks after unzipp