Thread: Solution for mounting the pocket 4k/6k on ronin-s/sc simply.

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  1. #1 Solution for mounting the pocket 4k/6k on ronin-s/sc simply. 
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    I have been using the Pocket 4k with a ronin-s with the base of the ronin attached to the top of the smallrig cage (I'm using the half cage, but I guess it will work with the full and all other cages with mounting holes on the top), and this make the arm on the opposite side of the camera- so doesn't foul the gimbal with the side of the camera.

    Ive used it a couple of times like this and it appears to work perfectly without any restrictions in movement. The ronin-s already knows its in the inverted mode when it starts up and doesn't need any different setup. I think its a really good solution that solves all the ridiculous work arounds like weights and off set plates. I also run the camera off the Ronin-s battery to get rid of the battery problem with the pocket. A tilting screen will be the next improvement on this setup.

    cheers Paul
    Paul Ross Jones

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    Sound really interesting, but the link isnít working for me for some reason.
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