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    Took a quick shot for comparison between the original LCDVF BM and its big brother BM5 achromatic eyepiece lenses:

    Some nice CNC machined components for the eyepiece:

    And some random stuff:

    All the best,
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    So you're from Kinotehnik? I bought a LCDVF from you for my old 550D. It worked really well. Light and clear.
    Álex Montoya on Vimeo
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    I don't quite get this.

    Did you make an original design that you printed yourself? And now this has been picked up by Kinotehnik? Or are you part of Kinotehnik?

    As soon as the P4K got released I contacted them about a loupe, since I've been using a LCDVF since the Canon 5D mkII. They had no plans at the time. Then, a while back they contacted me to put me on their mailing list as they were developing a loupe now.

    But Kinotehnik has been making loupes a long time. Why did they need your design to get their thumbs out?

    The launch was planned to late September but has now been moved to late November, as they made some modifications. Do you know anything about that?

    None of this really matters.... as long as they get the loupe out. I'm just curious. I did write on their Facebook page that I'd much prefer if the finish of the loupe can be made identical to their other loupes, or the body of the camera. The images I've seen of this design has looked a bit too "shiny" and "sparkly/glittery".

    Please fill in the gaps of this story!
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