Thread: olympus 14-54mm f2,8-3,5 doesn't focus

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  1. #1 olympus 14-54mm f2,8-3,5 doesn't focus 
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    i try my olympus 14-54 f2,8-3,5 first version on mu p4k.
    The lens is 4/3 and needs an adapter 4/3-m43.
    I tried a couple of adapters (viltrox and generic one) and with both adapters
    the iris works, but the focus no: the ring doenst move.
    I try today with a m4/3 panasonic camera and the lens works, autofocus and manual focus.
    There's a way my lens works on p4k?

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    Yes, you need to get the either original Panasonic or Olympus FT/MFT auto adapter, not a third party one, to get full lens functionality on a BMD MFT Cameras. I use the Oly 14-35 f/2.0 and a Panasonic Leica 14-50 FT zooms on the Micro MFT Camera using thenPanasonic and Olympus adapters, Focus works, but full AF or touch screen AF does not seem to work on the new Pocket 4K.
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