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    i just got the new BMPCC4K
    and I 've a problem with the intern mics, at 100% gain level, if I tap the Mic I reach max -6db and almost nothing with ambient sound.
    Do you think that come from the Camera or the firmware? (I'm on the last one, 6.2.1).
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    Try recording yourself at various levels.

    You want to keep audio levels at around -8db to -12db.

    Compare to the tests found here
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    I have the same issue with the internal mics. Unfortunately there seems to be no way to bring that level up any further. I've resorted to using a videomicro with a 1/8" - mini xlr for clean nats
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    yep, miniXLR works, but if the camera has a problem, i will return it !
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