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    Wanted to upgrade to 15.3(latest version) my dongle doesn't get recognized. It prompts activation code pop-up or asks to make sure my dongle connected. I had to downgrade back to 15.0. Does any one know any workarounds? I have no paper trail of the purchase or the box.
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    you may have a fake dongle if you purchased second hand, there has been alot of those going around, and BMD is stamping them out
    only thing to do there is to file a police report / and try to recover the funds from the seller
    and buy a legit dongle from a legit dealer

    it sucks to be taken advantage of
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    There are a lot of similar reports and also an official statement at bm forum. Seems too many fake dongles appears on sale last time so they start to ban them. I was affected by same problem. Purchased dongle on ebay sale to be able use full version of Resolve at home and after upgrade to 15.2 it appears a fake dongle. Dongle looks 100% like original, but it appears the serial number used in this dongle was somehow stolen and blacklisted in last versions of Resolve. I was lucky because the seller agree to make a refund.
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    wow, yeah just saw the those threads on the forum. Thanks guys, looks like I got the screwed too.
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