I mainly want to get an intensity to capture a bunch of old tapes, so I'm sure the current Thunderbolt model will do fine, I already sprung for way overpriced Apple 3-2 adapter to run my mini monitor, so it should work fine. I'm planning a move to 4K in the coming year with new p4k and my team already has a UMPro so it would be nice to be able to monitor 4K. The $1000 Thunderbolt decklink 4k is overkill as I don't need sdi.

Not a huge rush as I don't have a 4K tv yet, but it would suck to spend on the current capture box only to have a new one come out at the same price point that allows 4K playback. For an apparently Mac centric company, they seem a bit behind on Thunderbolt 3 products. Pci intensity pro 4K has bin out for a while, is it an Apple approval thing, could they not just use usb-c.

Not the end of the word if I go for the current one, when I'm done with my captures I can move it to my kids system for old analog game capture.