Thread: Does the P4K match the colors of the ursa 4.6k

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  1. #1 Does the P4K match the colors of the ursa 4.6k 
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    I currently own a Ursa mini 4.6k as well as a 4k production camera. I love both of them, but the production camera does not even come close to matching the colors of the ursa mini 4.6k, and thus I spend a lot of time matching these cameras in resolve.

    I am fairly interested in replacing the production camera with the P4K as my B-cam, but I have been waiting to see if it will match the ursa 4.6k colors right out of the camera. I would love to spend more time fine tuning the image and then being able to apply that work to both cameras rather than spending most of my time trying to get the colors to match in the first place.

    Has anyone that owns both cameras had a chance to see if the cameras match yet? I would love to confirm this so I could place an order. Thanks for any help with this, or any links to a video showing this comparison. I haven't had much luck in finding this direct comparison yet.
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    @pidulgi compared both and found them to be pretty similar.
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