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    Quote Originally Posted by cristo View Post
    I did find an app/audio driver called Voicemeter ( ) that appeared to solve the mismatch in sample rates. I set the main output to 44.1 (my DAWs sample rate) and switching to Resolve then played back audio ok.

    However, I noticed some clicks playing back in the DAW, so eventually uninstalled and have gone back to manually switching sample rates - but if anyone has audio problems it might work for you.

    Contacted BM support who say the behavior shouldn't be different from Resolve 14 to 15 and they would be looking into it.
    Yeah...the issue isn't Resolve. It's everything else.
    Resolve wants to play at 48Khz 24-bit, which is fine, but many sound cards don't handle different sample rates coming at them well. I have the Focusrite Sapphire Pro 24 and I have to open its panel and switch the sample rate manually if I want to use Pro Tools or SONOR. But at least that's a quick click
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    I have to open its panel and switch the sample rate manually if I want to use Pro Tools or SONOR
    I thought I'd found a set it and forget it solution, but you're right, it is only a few clicks to fix
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    Update; Updated to Resolve 15.1.1 and sound is fine again - 48k audio runs great - regardless of what the system sample rate is set to.

    Have to say during all this both Blackmagic and Focusrite support have been great.
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