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  1. #1 Release of DaVinci Resolve 15 b5 
    We are pleased to announce that the public beta 5 for DaVinci Resolve is now available as a no charge upgrade for download from the BMD support web site.
    The Studio version will work with your existing DaVinci Resolve Studio or Fusion Studio dongle or a DaVinci Resolve activation key.

    Thank you to all who have used our previous betas and providing feedback as it’s very helpful for our ongoing stability and development. Thank you also to those submitting automatic diagnostic logs. Please continue to report bugs with steps to repo, system information and diagnostic logs on the v15 beta sub forum and if you have a bug, please review the forum for similar issues in the specific beta build you are using before you start a new thread.

    If you are upgrading from v15beta 4, there is no database change however making a project DB backup is still prudent.

    Details can be found here
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    Thank you Peter, gotta love BMD.
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    Thanks as always for the update, Peter. I have a suggestion for a new feature for Resolve - a HISTORY PALETTE, similar to what Adobe has in Premiere. This would be infinitely more useful than continually hitting CTRL-Z and going blindly back in time.
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    Got few suggestions too:

    1. Add live LUT preview when LUT browser in list view (similar to ALT+hover when navigate LUT menu)

    2. There is known Cross Hatching problem described in this thread
    As you may know it can be fixed by shifting XY position to 0.5px. https://ursa-mini-fpn-grid-pattern-n...258718/fix-46k

    it seems in Resolve 15 beta5 (tested non studio) it don't works as it should. It produces artifact at the edges. It is also visible at the rendered images. (see full sized images)

    3. I really like when you try to expand working space by making UI elements more compact but page switcher bar in icons only mode looks so lonely.

    Here is the idea for low profile bottom page switcher bar but wth text labels. How about make those bottom tabs in similar way as all other tabs? Feedback welcome.

    4. This is my subjective opinion but new Camera RAW and Motion Effects icons are not good.
    Camera RAW looks like overcomplicated wireframe 3D image, it is hard to read and it is not fits to 2D flat concept of other icons. Simple camera icon in Resolve 14 was more friendly.

    Motion Effects icon is just don't feels like Motion Effects icon. It looks like picture frame. Old star shape icon was also not perfect, it always looked like link to "Favorites" to me.

    I can suggest to thinking about redesign of those icons.

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