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    Trivial dilemma... I shot a doc style project last year. I wasn't available to cover one of the days, so hired someone else to cover. His shots were fine, but only a few made it in. Perhaps 15 seconds in 12 minutes. As a side note, the client was disappointed with him during the day.

    He has contacted me and asked to use the film as an example of his work. I'm not particularly fussed about this kind of thing, but his contribution was so minimal and any reference to the film would seem to give unfair credit. At the same time, I don't want to make life difficult for him or start nit picking.

    Just to stress, this wasn't at a scale where we agreed credit, etc. He was paid a day rate and I held the contract with the client. Perhaps that was a mistake. I'm just curious to hear thoughts from others who might have been in this situation.
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    Me personally - I'd give him a clip of his 15-seconds and say "you're clear to use this, but ONLY this as portfolio material, and you can't claim THE PROJECT as 'an example of your work' with such a small contribution."
    After all - 15 seconds is only 2% of a 12-minute piece.
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    it's an opportunity to save him a bigger issue in the future. be straight. don't worry about feelings.
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    I agree with both Dane and Kofa
    Darren Scott
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    As DP and Mr. Kofa state, and Darren.

    Just be straight with him. It is his only real way to improve his work product and ethic.
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