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    I just got a 4K recorder for the Micro 4K and I've been pixel peeping all weekend. So far I am seeing the best results recording 2K then playing back on a UHD timeline which is surprising. I suppose it's all relative to what you like but here are a couple highly zoomed grabs that illustrate the different approaches and the results. Per usual, forum compression has reduced the finer points but there's still enough info to get the gist. Anybody have similar results? I went all through the scaling settings and it never got appreciably better than the default settings.

    UHD capture UHD timeline, no aliasing but a lot horizontal pixel artifacts not to be confused with the Ben Day dots on her face

    SS UHD to UHD jp.jpg

    HD capture HD timeline, kind of mushy lots of aliasing

    SS HD to HD jp.jpg

    HD Capture UHD timelime, no aliasing Ben Day dots just barely resolved, you'll have to trust me on this one

    SS HD-UHD jp .jpg

    UHD capture HD timeline, about the same as HD to HD. How does this not look better than HD in a UHD timeline?

    SS UHD to HD jp.jpg
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    What is your project's image scaling set to? There are many scaling settings in Resolve and they give very different results.

    UHD to a UHD timeline captures the most detail, although the demosaic in the Micro4k is clearly having a little trouble there.
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