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    Selling my Ursa Mini 4k with accesories.



    • Ursa Mini 4K Camera
    • Top Handle
    • Vlock Battery mount Blackmagic

    I bougth it a few months ago and used it in three projects. The sensor is clean and there are some minor cosmetic issues in the lower side of the camera. It comes with the original box and manual. The screen doesn't have any kind of scratches. It has a slight slack when unfolding the screen but it doesn't affect its functionality and it has been that way since I bought it. The firmware is upgradeable (4.2 at this time). One of the ” mount points from the bottom of the camera (central one) has been damaged but there but there are another 4 mounts to attatch a tripod.

    Comes with the original package. If you need more info or photos, feel free to ask me by PM.

    Shipping only for Europe.

    Asking 2740€ paid by Paypal invoice.
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    Is this still for sale?
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    I'm currently looking for a top handle for my Ursa Mini, could you sell me yours or are you selling the entire kit only ?
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