As promised, here are some quick test grabs from my new
Tokina AT-X-Pro 28-70mm F2.6-2.8 (Angenieux design) - did I mention that I love that lens?

The way you can let the light leak in, is amazing

The 28-70 f:2.6 AF was Angenieux’s last consumer oriented zoom, that was targeted towards the pro market. The lens was just as good optically as any other pro zoom lens of the time either by Nikon or Canon. Unfortunately, its price was also on par with the best of the competition, which made it a tough sale. Later on when Angenieux pulled out of the SLR market, Tokina managed to get usage rights to the Angenieux design and produce the AT-X PRO AF 28-70mm f/2.6-2.8 lens.
The one I have is the first version of the Pro series, with the screw on hood.
If somebody is interested, here is some moreInformation.