Thread: Does anyone remember the name of the documentary about insomnia?

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  1. #1 Does anyone remember the name of the documentary about insomnia? 
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    I can't get the name of the document in my head. Film was about insomnia. Could someone help me, please?
    If I remember right there was three persons in the film.

    One girl was driving all night long with her old car. Often she went to see horror movies. She was gothic.
    I think second girl was japanese and she got lots of pressure from her parents. She had to study and work a lot to fulfill her parents expectations.
    Third was maybe african guy, who worked only night shifts in small shaggy gas station. He was listening old dusty c-cassettes.

    Documentary was shot on film, maybe 16mm. Lots of beautiful pics and the atmosphere was mesmerizing.
    It is rolling in my head but I can't remember the name.

    Thank you and have a nice day!

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    Nice find!

    I'll be renting that for sure.

    Seeing how I'm an insomniac and all.....
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