Thread: Yet another bmmcc test - sea dogs - 60fps - raw 3:1

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  1. #1 Yet another bmmcc test - sea dogs - 60fps - raw 3:1 
    1st test of the Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera - 800 ISO - 60 FPS - 180˚ SHUTTER - RAW 3:1 - VEYDRA 50mm.
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    What's up with all that dancing color noise on the couple in the chairs?
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    Quote Originally Posted by xrayspecs View Post
    What's up with all that dancing color noise on the couple in the chairs?
    Looks like the shadows were lifted to make up for a very high contrast scene. Lifted quite a bit too far obviously.
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    somehow it's horribly overexposed and underexposed at the same time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ugafan View Post
    somehow it's horribly overexposed and underexposed at the same time.
    Exactly, ill guess that it was shot very underexposed, probably in attempt to not want to clip, but in post pushed up to the point of blowing out, as such, lifting dat lost info in the darks. Same thing i see in my pocket when i really really underexpose and then try and make it look right again. a few chroma denoise nodes would aid that footage, it will just soften the surrounding color info around the chair, but since its mostly shadow, it would be much less apparent.

    i bet an original frame grab would show whats up.
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    Marshall, let me file my minority report. I really liked what you did to the contrast and the result for me was this would be perfect if it was a dream or perhaps 'real' people acting in a virtual reality where the ocean and landscape weren't really there, but added for some purpose in your film. Like Soyent Green where you could see video from before the apocalypse just before your life was scheduled to be terminated. Good stuff to try something different!
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    Well quickly grading at 1 in the morning did not give the best results. Some accurate comments above. A highly contrast scene that would have greatly benefited from a 20X20 fill. After some sleep readjusted the shadow lift though only slightly, then denoised a great deal. Better. Like the higher frame rate a great deal.
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