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  1. #1 Recycling: The Essentials, WholeBrainFilms 
    Here is the Vimeo link to our entry:


    Concept: Russ Haan / Walter Smith
    Producer/Director: Walter Smith
    Cinematographer: Rick Pease
    Editorial: Rob Beadle / Chaz Smith
    Talent: Ellie Elle
    Music: "One More Time" Soul Gate / AXS-2171 #7 (
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    Nicely done. Good concept and execution. Good luck!
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    Entry cleared for judging. Nice job!
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    Steamy. Very well shot, love the monochrome look.
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    Love this piece. Very beautiful looking shoot.

    I'm sure you'll understand if it really doesn't leave me thinking
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    +1 for the talent +1 for B&W +1 for taking the concept a few clicks out of the box!
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    I don't find this relevant. It's exploiting a woman's body essentially.
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    I'm surprised Joe didn't like it because it's clearly aimed at "adult" audiences

    He probably has a point, even though I think his comment is short and... oh well...

    The bro attitude is strong in filmmaking, like in programming, but considering the recent evolutions in the milieu regarding women, you could be only a twit (as in twitter) away from massive backlash if this fell into the wrong hands.

    But I get it, it's a joke.

    If this was an ad for Victoria Secrets, nobody would have a problem with it though! Go figure.

    And well best cinematography. What camera/lens did you use? (ain't I a nerd? A chick takes off her underwear and I'm talking about camera gear)

    Overall great entry. Recycling at its sexiest for sure!
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    Production value wise, I thought this was one of the best. The lighting and camera work was great. But for me, I just couldn't get the message on this one. I thought maybe I missed something in the lyrics but after watching it again I don't think so. I was thinking that if I was watching TV and this came up I would think I was watching a commercial for women's underwear, then at the end a recycle logo comes up and I would be confused to what the spot was suppose to be about.
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    Apologies for getting this commentary in after judging.

    Production values off the chart! Amazingly lit and shot. The pace of the editing was great. The jump ahead edits were well placed.

    On first viewing, it didn't register that she was flipping the underwear inside out and I didn't get the concept. Probably distracted! On second viewing, the concept was clearer but I wanted to see the tag for maybe a beat longer for it to really set in. My only other minor niggle is that the image appeared to be a tad soft when you punched in near the beginning.

    Her laugh at the end made this feel less like exploitation and more like cheeky humor, which I think you were going for. My wife thought it was too risque for her tastes. I think you are definitely on the line but kept it tasteful with the profile. There's definitely a large audience for this type of ad!

    The flair and animated recycle logo nailed the professional look at the end. Well done!
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