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    New to resolve and I am having a few problems, not many. I would like to be able to roundtrip from Premiere CS6. I have not had great luck. Just testing out a simple sequence, 1 video track with no transitions. The XML delivers to Davinci just fine but the return XML in Premiere links to the original ungraded clips. I have read the entire manual and searched the net for any tutorials regarding tips to accomplish this but so far I have not found any info to let me know I have done some thing wrong in the export process.
    My other problem is that some keyboard shortcuts just don't seem to work. Example, option+S should add a serial node but what I get looks like a cursor-target with coordinates, strange. And there are other keyboard commands that just don't work. Probably user error but not sure how even I could screw up a keyboard command. I am using the beta 9 software on a Mac Pro.

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    Hi Bill, when you finish the grade in Resolve, are you selecting the FCP round trip setup in the Deliver page and rendering the clips to a folder that the CS6 can see?
    after render, one the conform page make the XML export. You can review the rendered clips in Resolve to prove to yourself that they have the grade and then its time to use the XML to import into CS6. Please let us all know how you go.


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      If you finished in Resolve there would be no problem.


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