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Why does Davinci Resolve have so many problems?

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  • Why does Davinci Resolve have so many problems?

    Why does Davinci Resolve have so many problems?

    Answer... Because your computer sucks.....

    Davinci Resolve works flawsly in non Beta form. In beta a few glitches. but the will be worked out wen a final release comes.

    Davinci was a program that was priced newr the 500K that is a half a million dollars not too long ago and required expensive dedicated hardware.

    Blackmagic lists the specs needed on their website. But the reality is you are not going to have a good expereince trying to work on your old Dual core and the 8800 gtx graphics card.

    You need ram.. Lots of t..
    You need a Graphics card with lots of cuda cores.. The more the better.

    My system cost me less then $1,000 to build and runs the Raw blackmagic cinema files in real time...

    i7 3.2 ghz
    asus mother board
    16gb ram
    GTX 660 graphics card
    a few hard drives that I had from an older system. 3TB raid
    128gb SSD system drive I know this sucks.. But it is fast..
    Blueray burner
    Bmagic SDI card

    This does complete realtime with almost all projects. I have not tried with Red 4k Files but will load some in soon to check out.

    For H.264 footage you can get buy with alot less. A gtx 260 in my other computer can do real time playback with H.264 footage With 8 nodes.

    It is not Davinci's fault you have an old computer that needs updating.

    Why does it stutter?
    Why do I get non real time playback?
    Why can't I render in ten x real time?

    The answer.. Your computer sucks.... It's not your fault.. It's the nature of Moore's law.

    Computers double in speed every 18 months.. How old is your system?

    If your system is three years old.. You are 300% slower then a system today. Sometimes 500% or more because of the compounding of other faster system parts.

    So now you know the answer to all your computer related problems with Davinci Resolve.

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    thanks a lot. very useful information


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      I remember the good old days when it wouldn't even run without a cuda card.


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        I just had to laugh when my friend sent me an email about how crappy resolve is. He said he can't get anything to work and Resolve sucks.. So I asked what the specs were on his laptop and he said it was a 17" Screen Dell..

        That was his specs.. He had no idea.. So it got me thinking.. All of these other people think you can just install it and it works..

        So I wrote the above. Just so people might think before complaining about software their system is incapable of running.

        I was not trying to be mean.. Just let people know this is high end stuff and they need to think accordingly.


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          syberfilm - is that a straight PC or a Hackintosh?


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            Straight PC.
            Windows 7 Ultimate

            I tried a few Hackintosh's but never really found them stable enough. But have not tried one of the recent builds.


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              funny, because resolve 9 runs so much smoother on a non-cuda machine than previous versions. yup, if resolve is giving you guff, your computer sucks...


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                I've been saying this for months. Glad to know I'm not alone.

                Of course at first the price for the new system was a bit of a shock. I spent close to 3K on a new PC solution, almost as much as the camera and Resolve cost together. I wanted real-time color correction though, with 2.5K raw files. I've been onlining in AE for three years now and it was never a real-time solution for CC. It was in fact quite frustrating to not have a real-time solution, especially when working with clients during a grade.

                Now I have something that will CC as fast as my editor and it's money well spent, an investment in my post-production business as is the camera and Resolve. I couldn't be happier with what I've done.
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                  My only problem with Resolve 9 Beta is that it crashes a bit too much. But, thats what Beta is for!
                  -Michael Beck


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                    Does your Asus motherboard have an integrated graphics card? I have an Asus mother board without an integrated card and a GTX 460, so I'm contemplating a purchase of a second cuda card.


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                      I noticed you mentioned the SDI card. That card (SDI only decklink?) is one of my considerations right now. So it outputs fine over that card?


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                        That's good. The second CUDA card will be used to render the images with. RAID should be used too. Your GTX 470 will make a great GUI card.
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                          No integrated card on here.. I am just using the single GTX 660Ti super clocked.


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                            It outputs perfectly with the SDI Decklink card card... I have it on two system.. Cheapest way to get SDI out.


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                              Originally posted by syberfilm View Post
                              I have not tried with Red 4k Files but will load some in soon to check out.
                              If you haven't gotten around to this yet, I'll prepare you by saying it's gonna be rough on your machine. You don't mention how many cores your processor has, but without a Red Rocket, that'll be your determining factor for playback. I have a quad-core i7 (3820) overclocked to 4.3GHz in my tower, and can only get real-time playback at 1/4 res, which is essentially standard-def. For comparison - with 1080p ProRes or h.264, my CPU doesn't even bother to come out of speed-step. RedCode is a complex codec to decompress, and so is very CPU-intensive.