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Premiere CS6 - After Effects - Resolve roundtrip!

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  • Premiere CS6 - After Effects - Resolve roundtrip!

    Hi there everybody.
    So I finally received my BMCC and I shot some stuff last weekend. Comes out I'm still learning to properly expose and I under-exposed a couple shots, no big deal as the lenses weren't too fast so I didn't have a choice anyways.
    I'm cutting it up in Premiere CS6, and creating After effects compositions for denoising some of the underexposed shots (I have Neat Video for AE) as DaVinci's denoiser is not working on my 2011 iMac because of the ATI gpu.
    What's the best way to send those files after noise removal, into Resolve, for proper CC?
    Is it better to CC in Resolve first and then remove the noise in AE? if so, what's the most effective way to do it?

    I'm working with ProRes.

    Thank you very much!

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    I only have experience round-tripping to AE with DSLR footage. I sequenced the clips I needed, applied the NR, and saved them in a separate directory with the same file names. Add them to the edit in CS6 by replacing original with AE movie. Send XML to Resolve.
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      that's strange, i also have a mid 2011 imac and the denoiser in resolve works, slow but it works.