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Proper setup for Resolve and Epic Cinemascope

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  • Proper setup for Resolve and Epic Cinemascope

    Hi guys,

    I am new to the forum but I am currently working on grading my first Indie Film in Davinci Resolve. I am setting up my timeline for 2k 2048x1156 (pixel aspect ratio Cinemascope). most of the footage is 5120x2160. What would be the proper workflow. The client didn't really have a target output so I went with the 2k FIlm. They know they will go DVD and other formats but they don't think they will be going Theatrical release. But they wanted to grade in 2k. Is my workflow correct. I set the timeline as stated above. In the browser i set my r3d clips from square to cinemascope. I also setup the input scaling to stretch frame to all corners. Please if anyone has better suggestions for this project I am all ears. I am afraid that this workflow could be distorting the original image. I am only on the first reel so I can change these settings. I just want to be 100% sure.


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    i don't think you want to change your pixel aspect to cinemascope unless anamorphic lenses were used or the footage is otherwise squeezed as shot. it seems to me that if you change square pixels to scope, then use scaling to unstretch the image, you are throwing away resolution. i would just set the timeline to the native resolution of the footage, then set the output to 2048x1156. if there is a difference in ratio, you will experience crop. you can adjust the crop per shot using PTZR. using this workflow covers you if all the sudden the client decides he/she wants a 5k output. you just change your output resolution, and you're good to go.