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Complete noob question on external monitor calibration

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  • Complete noob question on external monitor calibration

    Ok I need to start by saying that my background is heavily on the photography side and I am starting to dabble in Video with the purchase of a BMCC. I have a Decklink mini monitor going HDMI to a Dell U2410 (for now). I am used to using my Spyder 4, hooking it up to my main monitor and letting the Spyder do its thing to calibrate it. Now I know I can't do that process anymore as my U2410 is now external. So what is an easy way to calibrate this monitor now for REC 709, do I hook the U2410 up to my graphics card via HDMI and do a manual calibration (I know I cant do that with the Spyder4 Pro software) so is there a different calibrator I shouse use, different software.

    This is all new to me and just trying to figure it out.

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    If you are properly calibrated for sRGB, you are OK for REC709 too. It is the same color space. There is a slight difference in monitor reference gamma, but visually an REC709 display and an sRGB display properly calibrated look essentially identical.
    You only need to calibrate for REC709 on a consumer TV set or on a computer monitor that specifically has an REC709 look up table in its color space menus. Most PC monitors default to 8-bit sRGB and don't have REC709 or 10-bit support as a LUT option. If there is not a menu table in the monitor or in external software for the monitor that includes different color space options (i.e. Adobe RGB, sRGB, REC709, etc.) then it is by default sRGB.

    You can connect a consumer TV to your system via HDMI and use its controls to manually calibrate to grayscale and color bar test patterns from your Spyder software.
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      Thanks Razz that helps a lot! The U2410 is pre-calibrated for sRGB and Adobe RGB so I have it on the sRGB mode and I have made some slight adjustments for color bars.