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Resolve Workaround for Sensor Banding

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  • Resolve Workaround for Sensor Banding

    Here's a throwback to the early days of the BMPC 4K rollout.

    I recently purchased a used BMPC 4K to act as a second camera for my other BMPC 4K. Unfortunately, this newly acquired camera has serious sensor banding issues that haven't been fixed by upgrading the firmware. After talking to various repair shops, I've concluded the sensor is a lost cause. My only option is to use the camera sparingly and for b-roll that isn't crucial.

    So here's what I'm asking folks who know more about Resolve than me: since the banding is consistent, is there a method to limit or mitigate the banding to salvage some footage? Standard noise reduction helps a little but the lines are still visible.

    I've attached a frame from the camera with the lens cap on and the offset cranked up to 55 to show the banding, as well as a frame that has high, mid and shadow to demonstrate how the banding affects footage. Both are taken at 400 ISO, RAW, film, 180 degrees. Straight from camera, ACES color management.


    Black frame hi res:
    Sample frame hi res: