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New MacBook Pro Retina shuts down during Resolve Render

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  • New MacBook Pro Retina shuts down during Resolve Render

    Has anyone had any issues rendering on any of the newest MacBook Pros? I have a new one (less than 1 month old) with a 2.8 i7, 16GB Ram, 650M and the 768GB SSD. Essentially it renders out jobs for about 10 to 15 minutes and then totally shuts down (although the light remains on the Resolve dongle). While it's rendering it sounds just like a vacuum cleaner. I'm hoping that I don't have to take it in to the Apple store or send it back.


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    I had exactly the same problem on my MBP Retina during rendering. Loud fan noise and the MBP just shut down.


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      A MBP is not exactly the best tool for Resolve, especially the Retina, since it spends lots of it's resources to drive the screen.
      Also the thermal design isn't really up to such powerhungry tasks over a long time, hence the vacuum cleaner. Maybe it shuts itself down, before melting into a blob.

      You really want a proper workstation with 2 or more graphic cards and a good cooling system for this, to work in a pro way.
      I never understood the attitude these days, that folks want to do everything that needs a workstation, on a laptop.
      What`s wrong with having a workstation in the back of your car in a flight case, if you really need that sort of processing power in the field?

      If you really need a laptop, get one that can handle this, preferably with two Nvida graphic cards on board.
      I don't want to start an other PC vs- Mac flame war, but I hear so many problems with MBPs these days on the forums, that I think the MBP, especially the Retina wasn't simply made for something like this. They put the priorities on resolution and a slim as possible design, not to replace a macho workstation. I mean, if a package is so slim, light and high resolution, you probably have to make some trade-offs here and there, since you can't have it all.

      I have a 2 year old $1000 Dell XPS laptop that I use on set for daylies and backup, and that works well and fast (up to 30 fps, rendering out daylies), but doing more than this, would never come to my mind.

      my ct2


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        One has never done this. It sits on my glass top desk and runs like a champ. Sounds like a heat issue though.
        -Michael Beck


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          Originally posted by mbeck View Post
          One has never done this. It sits on my glass top desk and runs like a champ. Sounds like a heat issue though.

          Mine works very well with Resolve on set - many 12 hour days. It does get hot when rendering, and the fan vent holes on the bottom need to be kept clear. Make sure it's on something solid, not carpet or a sofa. Mine sits up on a 12 South stand on my DIT cart.


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            Thanks for all the replies. From the comments, it sounds like my Macbook needs some sort of hardware replacement. Right now I'm using my Windows 6 core i7 tower to do all my Resolve work. It's a great machine, I just wish it could export to ProRes. I built it because I was sick of waiting for the new Mac Pro refresh.