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  • XML 'Time-map' issues


    I have some questions about XML import and this seems like the place. I shot a short RAW with the BMCC. Intended for my post workflow to be the standard Resolve(RAW->proxy)->FCPX->XML export back to Resolve(grading in RAW). I knew going into this that Resolve had some XML import limitations with re-timing. I'm planning on doing this (unfortunately clunky) workaround:

    Identify clips that required retiming in FCPX
    Go back to Resolve and export those clips ProResHQ
    Match cut and retime in a new project
    Export the retimed cut as ProResHQ
    In Resolve, import that file into the media pool for my project
    In my FCPX project with my short's edit, replace the retimed proxy footage with the footage I just generated
    Export the FCPX project

    If my understanding on all this is correct, when I do my XML import into Resolve, the process will link to the retimed ProResHQ footage in my media pool without error. If anybody has a less clunky method for fixing a retiming issue, please let me know!

    So anyway...that's what I'm going to do for my handful of clips that I know I slowed down. But that doesn't account for all of the errors I'm seeing. I'm having trouble understanding what the errors even mean. Basically I'm seeing two errors.

    "XML elements can only be re-timed bya single time-map."
    Compound clips with time-map are not supported."

    I was expecting to see one set of errors because of the retiming issue I mentioned earlier in the post. But what are these errors about 'compound clips'? I'll check again, but I don't think I'm using any compound clips that have video with timing adjustments. I try to click on the error messages in Resolve but it doesn't point me to any content that it has a problem with. I can't get any more information about what's causing the error.

    Could someone point me in the right direction? Or maybe tell me if there's a way for me to get on BlackMagic's beta tester list for Resolve 10, since that version seems not to have a problem with FCPX retiming?


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    In case anybody else sees these issues, I wanted to update.

    As far as i can tell, FCPX had issues with some of my audio syncing, and from some of the non-BMCC footage I used in the cut. It appeared that most of the XML cuts that Resolve had issues with were ones where I synced audio in FCPX, and that operation resulted in the file created in my event being named after the AUDIO file instead of the VIDEO file. I went back and generated burned-in files with the audio instead of using the synced clips, and that fixed some issues.
    There are also a few shots in the short that used GH2 footage. After reviewing the XML, I saw that ALL of the GH2 footage was causing Resolve issues. I went back and burned in that footage to exactly match the characteristics of the BMCC footage, and that fixed those issues.

    Another issue I ran into with Resolve was audio output with final delivery. Basically, Resolve just dropped about 70% of my audio clips from the build. Really frustrating. I tried 'burning in' all of the audio into a single wave file, creating a special FCPX project with all the video cuts in place but replacing audio with that single file, then exporting that XML, but Resolve STILL wouldn't accept that. Super frustrating. My solution to this issue was to deliver video only through Resolve and then add the burned in audio using QuickTime 7.

    I had a horrible experience with this workflow. I hope that Resolve 10 is released before I do my next short. Barring 10 being out, I'm going to be more mindful of mixing footage from different cameras and I'm going to pay more attention to how FCPX decides to sync my audio.

    I'm sure I did a number of stupid things in my cut that resulted in all these headaches, and unfortunately I haven't really found root causes - I just identified the footage that Resolve didn't like and found workarounds. Hopefully all of you guys are lots smarter than me and you've not gone through this particular Hell.


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      the initial learning curve is steep, hang in there. developing a workflow is an important thing.

      With each VFX shot you'll need to replace the shot in your timeline with a rendered video of the timing you'd like to see. I've been using QT uncompressed 4:2:2 as an intermediary. You then take that shot back to resolve to color and output.

      Sorry, I can't help you further with your issues. I'm a Premiere Pro user but I do VFX too while editing and coloring.
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