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Exporting Prores from Resolve in Windows 10

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  • Exporting Prores from Resolve in Windows 10

    I need some assistance. I am using Resolve on Windows 10 Pro. I need to render a video in Prores 4444 4K. Since I don't have a Mac, is there a way to render Prores on Windows and if not, are there ways to convert a DNxHR or Cineform to Prores with other free tools?

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    there's a bucket of ui's for ffmpeg that will create "prorez", but not have the metadata enbedded that says it's apple certfied, so could be a QC fail

    on windoze BMD's Fusion standalone, MediaComposer, Pp, Nucoda, Scratch, Drastic Media Reactor come to mind for apple certified prorez, but likely there's more, none are free

    DNxHR uncompressed RGB 10bit in MXF is my go-to mezannine codec these days


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      If your client needs ProRes and wants it Apple 'blessed', I'd rent Adobe Media Encoder for a month.


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        Your best bet is to export the DNxHR equivalent to whatever your final ProRes deliverable is out of Resolve and use Media Encoder to transcode to ProRes. Make sure your data levels are correct.
        Darren Hartman
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          Thanks folks. Renting Media encoder for a month.