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    I have the pocket 6k. I am new to resolve, but think that I have the basics down. I use the film to extended video LUT as a starting point and then adjust highlights, midtowns and shadows based on the image and waveform scope. I've also fixed some white balance issues using the parade scope and offset.

    As far as adding an over all look to all of my color corrected clips, I've discovered grouping the clips and adding a node that affects all of the clips, but I can't find any basic looks built into resolve to test out. Am I missing something??? What do you guys use? Do you buy third party looks?

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    There are looks you can buy, and luts you can put on, but a “look” is a colorists secret sauce. They typically don’t sell them, because that would hurt their business and credibility (when an amazing look doesn’t pull over to your footage the way you thought). What you can buy is usually used as a starting point. Every project is different and almost always requires hand-coloring by either yourself or an experienced colorist. I know people that own hundreds of luts and are always frustrated when literally none of them work. The more creative the look, the less likely it will drop in. Clean rec-709 looks are easy.

    Your best option would be to grab screenshots of reference looks, and try to match to what you’re going for. Practice! The resolve manual and user guide contains enough technical advice to get by. You can also ask for specific advice if you get stuck.


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      That makes sense. I am messing around with Magic Bullet Looks. I had it for premiere and Resolve seems to recognize it. It might be nice having a set of LUTS that I could use after using the Blackmagic Film to Extended video LUT. Not extreme LUTS, but just a less harsh look that can be placed on top of a group of clips. I do see the benefit of finding a screenshot of a look that you like and trying to build it yourself.


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        You can follow this to create your own, Alexa like, LUT as a starting point.

        Read the first comment for latest settings.
        Fast and simple. No need to buy anyhing imo.


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          So I'm sharing my thought based on personal experience. LUTs doesn't always work - in fact most of the time, they generate more frustration than good. Having said that, I have learn to select LUTs that are good starting point. There are two or three types that I look for. (1) Log LUTs, (2) Rec.709 LUTs, and (3) Log to Rec.709 LUTs. If I have a RAW clip, I usually color transform it to an intermediary log to which I apply a LUT that is for log, and same with a log clip. If I have a Rec.709 clip, I select a LUT that was for a Rec.709. If I want to use a Rec.709 LUT on a log or raw clip, I transform it first to an intermediary log. I apply the LUT as the last node. In between the first and last node, I have my adjustment nodes until I have the desired look.

          Also you might want to play with the color channels or investigate YSFX to come up with your look.

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            These are my favorite natural LUTs for the BM cams: