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Completely resetting/removing Resolve

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  • Completely resetting/removing Resolve

    About 10 days ago, Resolve stopped working completely on my Windows desktop. In the middle of a session, the screen turned white and I had to force quit. I can open the project manager, but trying to open any project or create a new one results in the same frozen white screen.
    I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling 15, 16.0, and 16 beta, all the same. Opening projects in safe mode, opening previous auto-saves, etc. Downloaded drivers for the GPU, updated all the firmware I can think of, but can't get around this. I've emailed tech support, sent them logs and system info, and called them... they suggested 'uninstalling and reinstalling', despite me saying I did this in my first email. I have not been impressed with the support received from BMD and posting on their forums has been useless. My business has ground to a halt and I have deadlines I need to export things for.

    Does anyone know if there's a way of manually removing EVERYTHING blackmagic related from the computer? When I reinstall the software, it 'holds on' to the database which is stored somewhere, so I'm wondering if it's also retaining some settings file or something like that and that's what's causing the freeze-up. I just don't know enough about Windows (this is my first PC in a decade or more) to know where to look.

    Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    the default data base is @ C:\ProgramData\Blackmagic Design\DaVinci ... Project.db.

    i'd make DRP's of all projects
    then make a new database, put it somewhere else easy to find
    then import the DRP's into the new database
    the start up Resolve and cross fingers

    if it still crashes then i'd uninstall Resolve once again
    delete the default database and the new one

    install Resolve again
    then import the DRP's into the new database
    the start up Resolve and cross fingers


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      Make sure to backup all your files because this is a destructive removal - meaning once deleted, they are permanently gone (without using a recovery software).
      Uninstall all versions of Resolve from Windows using the uninstall program.
      If the database lingers around, remove the database as mentioned above.
      Bring up your registry and search for anything "Blackmagic". Delete them from the registry.
      Restart computer.
      Reinstall Da Vinci Resolve.


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        does not help now, but i also use Resolve and other software for a living, i have six machines that run Resolve in total, two at my studio that are pretty decent spec and i leapfrog between them, one is a server that also can run Resolve well, one is for external scopes, but also runs Resolve

        at home i have another reasonably well spec'd machine, and another machine running external scopes that has Resolve on it

        so yea.... i'm very well covered in case a machine has issues, although that's pretty rare fortunatly.. biggiest deal recently was a huge power surge that went through my studio, frying my UPS, kitchen lost the microwave and fridge.. and several disks were hammered / destroyed in one my my arrays that was running at full speed when it happened, but even that i was able to be up and running an hour after power came back with a cleint screening his show, media was duplicated on the server, and i moved that array from the server to the local machine, and hit play....

        anyway end game is to prep for the worst, and hope for the best.. if it's your liveing, machines are pretty inexpensive in 2019, haveing a complete working backup is good...


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          Thanks guys, looks like cleaning up the registry was the key.
          After uninstalling, deleting the database, manually removing all the leftover folders in windows explorer, I was met with "a newer version is already installed, please uninstall to continue" when trying to re-install...

          I used jvPowerTools to search for every instance of 'blackmagic' in the registry (4000+), deleted them all (held the enter key down for a few minutes to get through all the 'are you sure?' warnings) and rebooted. Tried installing again, was met with 'repair previous installation' or 'completely remove resolve.' Clicked 'remove' just to be sure, tried installing again, 'repaired previous installation', and I think it's all good now. Hopefully it remains stable. This computer only crashed once or twice with Resolve in the past, it's been really good until this bullshit. All other software was running perfectly fine. I don't think owning another $4000 machine just for a backup is a solution, IMO. Maybe if you're working on multi-million dollar projects, but for software that I've paid for and I'm running on a computer that exceeds the required specs... there's no reason to be receiving better tech support here than from BMD itself. So thanks guys, I appreciate it. I'm no longer afraid of blasting through a registry. (My next step was completely wiping the computer and re-installing Windows anyway.)

          BMD... please make it easier to completely remove the software for a clean install.