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Exporting XMLs with Poly WAVs Come Out Silent in DAW

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  • Exporting XMLs with Poly WAVs Come Out Silent in DAW

    Hi all,

    Okay, this may be a bit weird and I don't even know if my workflow is in any way standard but I'm having trouble with bring clips with Poly WAV audio out of Resolve and into Logic Pro X to do my sound design. Up until now, my workflow has been to use PluralEyes to sync and replace the original audio to the clips, do the edit and then export via FCP XML to Logic. On this piece, there were scenes that were shot with two lav mics and a boom which just added the extra step of combining the three tracks from the recorder onto separate tracks and then doing the sync as normal. I made the decision to split the tracks back out when editing so my timeline looks a little like this:

    Annotation 2019-08-29 165047.png

    Then it appears to transfer okay and the same section looks like this when it comes into Logic:

    Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 16.55.20.jpg

    The thing is, when it plays, it's completely silent. And yet the waveform is still there, although they all look identical which I'm guessing is because it's reading a stereo mix version of the original Poly WAV but it's not even playing that. Is there anything I can do to deal with this situation?

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    So, I managed to fix the silent issue though I'm not entirely sure what causing it. But it is as I suspected, it's coming into Logic with the 3 tracks which were all duplicates of one another, not the 3 distinct sources.

    I managed to get around this by exporting the trimmed audio files through the XML tab on the Deliver page and then they came in fine. The only issue now is that they're not the original file so if I want to make a clip slightly longer at either end, I can't. The solution to this is adding frame handles in the video settings but this results in all the files being off by that value when I import the XML.

    Any ideas on how I can have my handles and have them properly synced? Or if there's a better way to do this whole process, I'd be very happy to hear that too.