Hi, I have 2 tracks: V2 with some images scaled using transform controls, and V1 sat underneath with some footage; no alpha or anything fancy, just some images for placement during the assembly cut.
When trying to add TC and clip names using burn in on V1, it fails to show up unless you hide V2 (above).

The images aren't physically blocking the position of the burn in (TC), but it seems that it won't allow any burn in to display beneath that track. I've tried, masks, cropping etc, but nothing will show up.
If I add burn in on a project/timeline level, it works, as does assigning clips to V2. But I don't want the TC of the static images, I need the footage on V1.

Any ideas how to export TC and source clip name based only on V1 track, ignoring V2?

V2 | Image | image | ...etc <- Need this track to be ignored by burn in
V1 | Video | Video. | ...etc <- only want to burn in TC for this track
A1 | Audio. | Audio | ...etc