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The new MacPro - wee need to talk

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  • The new MacPro - wee need to talk

    Here is my ct 2 on Apples latest offerings, if someone is interested:
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    Read the whole article. Well said.

    Really overpriced for what you get. Can’t wait for prores to die and we can abandon apple. The display is confusing. For the same price as the full blown package the PC you can build is insanity.

    I will say though that the fully rigged machine looks like it will be one of the fastest options for coloring and compositing. If you aren’t coloring with the raw footage you’re doing it wrong.
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      Canon and Nikon has been using their latest yet to be announce cameras shooting 8k demos using Prores Raw with the new Mac Pro.
      C'mon Blackmagic, were is your 8k BRaw camera?


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        You can have 8K, when the 4k resolution of the current cameras makes or breaks you films.
        Till than, you still have a lot of work to do in front of the camera.


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          BMD has already committed to 8k. I wish they can use their own cameras rather than someone else.


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            The pricing on these is stupid.

            For $6,000 you should be getting a computer that is at least somewhat tailored to your needs, and at that point yeah - you get an ass load more computer from a PC.

            I have an iPhone and I'll probably stick with it, but Apple just doesn't have any products I'd ever be interested in at their ridiculous prices.
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