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Anyone here on a Mojave Hackintosh with AMD GPU?

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  • Anyone here on a Mojave Hackintosh with AMD GPU?

    Hey there,

    I gave up on Premiere awhile back. Looking to go to FCPX and Resolve. I have a 6 core x99 Hack with a GTX 970. I’m running Sierra and just got Mojave running on another drive.

    Am I better off staying with Sierra and upgrading my GTX 970 to a better Nvidia card? Or would I be okay running Mojave with a RX 580 or Vega card?
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    I'm running a Hack with Mojave and an RX 580 8gb Card and everything is running smoothly.

    My P4K hasn't arrived yet but the test footage others uploaded seemed to play nicely inside Resolve and my Mobo, CPU and RAM are 6 years old.


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      I’ve heard the Sapphire Pulse is compatible. Also heard the single fan reference cards don’t have the fan issues.

      Peeps on another forum are saying that the AMD GPUs don’t encode H.264 and don’t do live preview. That they don’t work 100%

      So I’m wondering if I should go 580 with the idea of possibly getting a second? Or bite the bullet and get a Vega 64? The 64 runs super hot. I wonder how close two 580s are to the 64.