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Changing project settings mid-project

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  • Changing project settings mid-project

    I am grading a project, (single clip export that iím chopping up in resolve and plan to re-export as one). The original file is 4k, but I am now realizing (half way through the project) that the project/timeline settings are set to 1080. Is it as simple as me changing the project settings to 4k, and when I export it will export 4k from the original footage? Or will it do some sort of downres to 1080, then upres to 4k, since I began the project set to 1080?

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    My understanding is that the Deliver tab results are based on the Timelne setting for resolution. Not the answer you are hoping for. I’ve made that error and just started over with the correct Timeline resolution. BMD commented on this ages ago in a place far far away. If you start with 4K and your deliverables are HD, you can set the Tineline to HD. But if deliverables are 4K, leave the Timeline at 4K. If you want the editing to go lighter on your hardware, you can optimize media set at a much lower quality. I just did a video using 4K+ input on an HD Timeline with 1/16 quality forcthe Optimized Media as an experiment. In the past I’ve always left that setting on Auto. Editing became a breeze on my iMac but everything was highly staircased of course. Deliverables in HD rendered beautifully from the original raw files.