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  • Proxy files from Premiere and Resolve


    I edit using Proxy files in Premiere. Can I export an XML from Premiere and color correct if I use proxies and then send back to premiere and then switch to the native media before I export? If not what's the easiest way to use Premiere and Resolve? I don't transcode anything because it takes too much time for the deadlines I need to achieve.


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    I'd suggest the other way around: generate proxies from all your files in Resolve, maybe even with a rough cut to save space and time and export the result to Premiere. Do your edit there, export the XML and open it in Resolve. If your files have proper TC, Resolve can easily relink to the original files and you can do your grading.

    But beware: Premiere is producing a lot of crap in XMLs recently, check the current thread over in the official BM forum:

    Editing in Resolve might soon be the better solution.
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