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Crash Course - Editing in Resolve 12

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  • Crash Course - Editing in Resolve 12

    I've had a lot of friends and other filmmakers/colorists wanting to get into Resolve 12 and it's editing features without much luck.
    I've gladly put together this quick and easy tutorial to get you up and running.
    It was a lot of fun putting it together and I believe it'll help you feel more confident about your skills in this awesome app.

    Hope this helps any new BMD camera owners who are transition from premiere into Resolve.
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    Will (Elias) Tejeda

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    Well, first of all - who the heck is having trouble with the editing aspect of this program? It's far simpler than all the other major NLE's out there, mainly because so many features typical to pro NLE's haven't really been added yet.
    Sheesh! I figured that part out in 5 minutes!

    Rant over.... now, on to watching your tutorial!
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      I agree I love how easy it is to use once you get into it.

      There are, however, a good amount of people who don't understand it.
      Mostly people who've never used resolve before and are looking to transitioning from another NLE.

      But, I do believe there are some nuggets that even current users can take away from it.
      Will (Elias) Tejeda