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Resolve and 2 timelines?

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  • Resolve and 2 timelines?

    Hi guys,

    Since Resolve 12 came out I've been trying to make it work as my NLE on specific projects. Sometimes I like to make my assembly, then make a new timeline and edit my rough cut. Having one timeline above and one below, is this possible? I added a photo of what I'm trying achieve.

    Thank you


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    No, not possible.


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      Originally posted by jrd View Post
      No, not possible.


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        You could always just make another timeline and switch back and forth. Of course not on the same page but what's the advantage to having a first rough pass and a second more refined pass on the same page? I'm actually editing a feature in R12 right now.


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          I hope I'm not mixing this up with another NLE, but I seem to recall that you can put one timeline onto another, editing the timeline.

          Alternatively, you can just add new tracks, duplicating and then locking the rough cut.


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            You can certainly edit one timeline or part thereof into another, and copy a track from one timeline into another (though this appears to be a bit buggy at present), but that "pancake" feature, where more than one multitrack timeline can be displayed on the same page, and copying allowed between them, is a Premiere thing. Lightworks too, I believe.


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              With Lightworks you can have multiple edits open and insert whole edits or sections of edits into a master. You can make a bin of multiple scene edits and it will auto assemble that into a master edit. If you reedit scenes, you can replace the older versions in the master. You can have multiple masters for different purposes. A project can have unlimited edits. Your work space layout is completely fluid. Clips or edits open in viewers that can be sized, dragged, and placed in any arrangement on your desktop. Their associated timelines can be turned on or off as needed, but only the edit timeline you are recording too needs to be open. Source viewer segments can be marked for insertion or replacement without them. It has excellent database tagging and search tools for managing complex projects.
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