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Resolve 12 Windows on a 4K monitor

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  • Resolve 12 Windows on a 4K monitor

    I was wondering if anyone has used the Windows version of Resolve 12 with a 4K monitor. I'm considering whether to get a 4K monitor to use with a PC I'm building for Resolve, but I was curious how Resolve works with Windows scaling. On Mac Retina displays when scaling is on, it scales the UI, but you still get a 1:1 pixel display of the video content without scaling when using Resolve or FCPX. Does the Windows version of Resolve behave the same way or does it scale the video as well if scaling is enabled?

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    I use windows version, works well with 2 monitors, for extra full screen monitor I bought Infinity pro 4K card 150 dollar (capture and videocard) Now it works with 3 monitors, I am still saving for 4K monitor or 40 inch 4k television (which are cheaper).
    Card is worth its money.