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Ultrascope and Resolve on Macbook Pro

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  • Ultrascope and Resolve on Macbook Pro

    I am interested in buying new basic Macbook Pro 15 inch with 2.3 GHZ quad core processor

    the one that costs 1800 dolars. I plan to maybe upgrade RAM memory and Hard disk through some third party vendor.

    Will that model be enough to run Ultrascope and Resolve (of course big Mac Pro will still stay as a primary working station) on it???

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    you would have to check first, some of the newer mackbooks are not that upgradable.
    then check that model for resolve in blackmagicdesign site

    just a heads up, the retina model has two thunderbolt ports(1 thunderbolt to ethernet adapter) and your model has 1 thunderbolt, and 1 firewire, 1 ethernet

    i don't think the 5400rpm drive is a good idea, get one of the ssd options.


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      Thats why i am asking because this model is upgradable (only new retina models are not upgradble) and its very easy to change hard disk to ssd (without paying apple enourmus provisions) and upgrade ram to 16 gb.

      So according to the specs it should work. Any experiences???


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        not that many people tried resolve 9, it's pretty new. some laptops that worked with 8, does not in 9, and vise verse. you could either post at blackmagicdesign website or contact their support.

        ultrascope would work.


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          The model you specified will not support Resolve with the standard resolution 15" display. You would need to upgrade to the Hi-Res display option. Also, Resolve and UltraScope can not run on the same system at the same time.