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Upgrading my rig. Selling my GTX285 for Mac. $175 + shipping.

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  • Upgrading my rig. Selling my GTX285 for Mac. $175 + shipping.

    I got my GTX285 about 18 months ago. I got it from "macvidcards" on ebay. He is the most trusted source for Mac flashed Nvidia cards. It has been rock solid since day one and has never given me an issue and has never been pulled out since installed. I'm doing a lot of 4k these days so I am ramping up my system. I paid $350 for the card. Selling for $175+shipping. Comes in an anti-static bag and includes both power cables, just like I got it.

    Performance-wise, here's what to expect. My rig was 2008 Mac Pro 8-core 2.8Ghz 14GB RAM. GT120 card for GUI, GTX285 for CUDA, Decklink Studio for monitors (but same performance no matter which output card you have, including intensity pro).

    Grading ProRes HQ 1920x1080 23.976 fps, I can get realtime performance with a 10-15 nodes on average. Could be more, could be less. Keys and blurs take up more resources than simple corrections and windows. NR as well. Grading RED 4k at 1/4 res debayer, I can get realtime with a few nodes. Sometimes with more complicated grades, the fps drops to 15-20.

    Rendering ProRes HQ 1080 happens at around 17-21 fps. Rendering RED 4K to ProResHQ 1080 at full debayer happens at around 4-8 fps.

    If interested, PM me or email fisherfilmworks-at-gmail-dot-com

    My studio is in Glendale, CA so anyone in the LA area is welcome to come see it work and pick up in person.