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Keyboard layout Logitech G13 for Resolve 11

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  • Keyboard layout Logitech G13 for Resolve 11

    Hi guys,

    I took an attempt to reduce the mouse fiddling in Resolve using the relatively cheap Logitech G13 keyboard extension. There has been an attempt before, I believe; this new setup suits my needs. Maybe it's an interesting basis for others as well.
    The profile requires the G13 to be placed left from your ordinary keyboard (so modifier keys like SHIFT can be reached with your left thumb) and works with the Resolve 11 standard layout on a full HD screen. To make it work on other screen setups you may need to adapt the mouse coordinates in the script.
    The setup works best with a good large trackball, e.g. Kensington Expert Mouse.
    Of course, standard Resolve keyboard shortcuts are still active and may be used as well.

    • Rename the attached txt file to XML and import it into your G13 software.
    • Recommended, but not mandatory: Start Resolve first, then the G13 driver software. This is because the script tries to switch to the color tab immediately when invoked. For some Windows reason, starting up Resolve invokes the G13 script several times. This does no harm, however, it's just somewhat annoying because your mouse pointer is moved to the "color" tab position several times when there is no color tab yet. This forces you to use the "open" button in the projects window instead of just double-clicking. No problem, just something to get used to. So starting Resolve first may be more comfortable.
    • The most important key section, G20/21/22/19, is mapped to make standard color tasks available with just one key and no clicking, so it mimics a little the console trackball workflow.
    • When you press one of the aforementioned keys with a modifier (shift/ctrl/alt) you may release the modifier once the G key is pressed, you do not need to keep the modifier pressed as well.
    • As long as one of those four keys is held down the G13 software grabs control of your mouse pointer, so the trackball moves the virtual wheels without clicking. For me this is the most important thing, it feels much more comfortable to manipulate the wheels without keeping the mouse button down. When you release the G key the mouse pointer is back to normal operation.
    • Keys M1 and M2 switch between viewer standard/enhanced. Key M3 toggles cinema viewer on and off. Thus, with cinema viewer on, M1 or M2 do -not- switch cinema off, only pressing M3 again does that. Not my idea, it had to be like this because the cinema viewer seems to be a separate thread/process within Resolve. Still, the M keys work intuitively as you would expect.

    I do not claim this is the perfect setup for anyone. Feel free to experiment on your own - have fun!
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    This looks excellent, did you do anything with the G13 screen ?
    Oh no Vic thinks i'm a newb


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        did you do anything with the G13 screen ?
        Not much, the G13 screen changes color sometimes and in most cases says what you've just activated, but that's it. Just eye candy, personally I don't look at the G13's display at all. I know there are ways to do awesome things on the display using separate applets written in VBasic or Delphi etc. That's nothing I did, attached here is just a Lua script that is limited to take control of keyboard and mouse in ways that exceed macros somewhat.