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Davinci Resolve detect only one GPU

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  • Davinci Resolve detect only one GPU

    Hello, i have problem with davinci resolve. befor i have one graphic card geforce 9800 gt. now i buy new firepro w5000, but resolve detect only my old geforce graphic card. When i plug out geforce resolve detect firepro card, but if i conect again gefore resolve detect geforce only. Anyone know what is the problem? i have fuul version of resolve. how can i use both graphic card?

    tnx for all answers

    best, robert

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    As far as i know (and i have called bmd about this before) Resolve dose not support SLI. I could be wrong but about a year back i called them having issues with play back and they actually told me to deactivate my SLI configuration. After that everything ran smoothly.


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      Actually i looked it up, you should be able to use SLI for a separate monitor in Resolve. Not sure what my issue was but try checking your sli connection in your computer graphics settings.


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        I didn't think you could SLI differnt GPU's? The prob may lie in the fact they are 2 different makes (Nvidia and AMD) and probably require 2 different drivers. I can see how this would get messy programming wise.


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          Never use 2 different (makes) cards in one system - it's not only impossible to work with both in Resolve (or any other program), but it's asking for trouble.
          And yeah, SLI doesn't work with Resolve.

          Out of curiosity, why would you buy such an awkward card like a firepro w5000 ?


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            Originally posted by Frank Glencairn View Post
            And yeah, SLI doesn't work with Resolve.
            I can confirm that. I learned this the hard way in my first set up for Resolve, now in my second one, just for having a piece of mind, i'm matching not only GPU brand, but model. I have 2 GeForce GTX 770 and BMD Mini Battery Convert SDI to HDMI for the monitor client and grading display. They work as a charm.
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              Resolve does not support SLI. Resolve does not like SLI. Do NOT use SLI with Resolve.