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  • HP DreamColor + BM Mini Monitor

    There's been some discussion on here already about the latest two HP DreamColor monitors. But having read loads of stuff online, I'm more confused than ever! Any help is gratefully received:

    My Situation

    My films are mainly seen on the web, although they do get broadcast on TV from time to time. I already own a mini-monitor and an iMac 27" 2014 running resolve. I'm keen to improve my grading skills and I'm ploughing through numerous good books which suggest a calibrated colour grading monitor is all but essential.

    My Questions

    1) If I buy a HP DreamColor Z24x will it work with Resolve and my BM MiniMonitor running on a 2014 iMac 27".

    2) Will it provide a fairly reliable Rec 709 accurate grading experience? Bearing in mind that most of my content is only viewed on the web, and I don't have the budget for a 2.5K broadcast monitor.

    Any thoughts are welcome, because I've read so much stuff my head hurts! Many people say grading without an expensive SDI broadcast monitor is pointless, others suggest a Plasma TV?? Some people even suggest simply using a BM Smartview HD (which I can't believe is colour accurate) and others tell me my iMac is fine for grading for the web... which again, seems a bit over simplistic, but I'm not getting many complaints! No idea what to do now!


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    You'll be fine with the Dreamcolor, it's good enough for TV as well. But just like any other it'll need re-calibration from time to time.


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      Thanks man, I think I'll grab myself a Dreamcolor and see what happens!


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        I do some production work and bought the Z27 a couple of months ago. It's proven exceedingly accurate so far. No, I haven't bought the calibration solution yet but it's ridiculously expensive in Sweden. However I've calibrated my other displays with a Colormunki Display and the colors seem to match on a grayscale level to the Dreamcolor anyway. The monitor's colors don't drift at all compared to my ASUS PA249Q, which btw will never work as a REC.709 display. The SRGB setting is shit and the factory calibration was way off when I got it. Even using the service menu and specifically calibrating it in hardware settings, the gamma's still off, you can't set black level and it just doesn't work properly. And every piece of video and gfx software uses software calibration differently, so you're never really sure what to get. The only reliable way to work is to use some form of hardware calibration and do it regularly. Hence my move to the Dreamcolor display.

        On the Z27X, The REC.709 seems a sliiightly crushed in the lowest lows but as long as you don't completely crush your blacks in SRGB you should be pretty good. Imo when it looks good in both SRGB and REC.709 you're very well off for web publication.

        My next investments will be a dedicated editing machine with a Blackmagic card so I can output 10 bit HDMI to the monitor and a HP DreamColor Calibration Solution.
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