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FS: Carl Zeiss / Arriflex 40mm @ T2.1 PL mount prime lens

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  • FS: Carl Zeiss / Arriflex 40mm @ T2.1 PL mount prime lens

    Looking to sell my Zeiss 40mm prime lens, opens to T2.1 ...You can email me with any offers
    for it. It is a lens made by Zeiss/Arriflex originally for 35mm film cameras, but will work with
    digital equivalents.., (PL mount) Please email me with any offers. ..The lens
    is located in the Philadelphia/NY area. Thanks.. (I'm attaching a picture so you have an idea of it,
    so it is not to be confused for a Zeiss CP.2 Distagon PL prime) .. Both caps included.

    I know the picture says 50mm.... I want to clarify, that this lens is a 40mm, however, 40.

    Edit: Apparently I'm required to list a price.. I'll throw down $5,500 OBO just for argument sake, though I'm not
    looking to discourage any offers. Please feel entitled to contact me with your best offer..
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    By forum rules, you must provide a price.


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      ^ ..done


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        You're selling a 5000 dollar lens, but don't have an actual photo? It took all of 2 minutes to find that the pic you're posting is from a NZ rental house. Furthermore you have Zeiss primes but don't know the difference between a PL and B4 mount as evidenced in your other sale for a canon ENG lens. Whatever, I'll take one of each, do you accept wire transfer?


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          whaat? I never said this was my photo.. The pictures are clearly not personal ones I took in my house