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FS: Various Rig Components

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  • PeopleCanFly
    Everything is sold! Thanks!

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  • matt ely
    I am interested in your rigging gear. Could you contact me at Thanks, Matt Ely, Bozeman, MT

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  • PeopleCanFly
    started a topic FS: Various Rig Components

    FS: Various Rig Components

    I have a collection of miscellaneous gear that I'd like to get rid of. I'm putting these up here first, in case anyone would like them. Whatever doesn't sell in two weeks will be listed on Amazon. I'll only ship to the lower 48 US states via USPS.

    Click the price to see a picture of the item(s).

    • $18 per pair - Two pairs of SmallRig 10" 15mm rods with threaded ends
    • $18 - One pair of Lensse 10" 15mm rods with threaded ends (Smaller than the SmallRig threads)
    • $5 - One pair of 5" 15mm rods that I believe were from one of the $60 shoulder stabilizers. Non-threaded ends.
    • $3 - A pair of Lanparte threaded rod connectors (Works with the SmallRig rods)

    Here is a comparison between the SmallRig and Lennse rods (SmallRig rod is on the right).

    SmallRig Clamps:
    • $10 each - Two 90 degree 15mm rods clamps.
    • $10 each - Two 15mm Rod Clamps.
    • $18 each - Two 15mm Rod Raisers. These are a bit hit or miss - Sometimes they don't clamp down evenly on all four rails...
    • $15 - Accessory clamp with 1/4" and 3/8" threads.

    • $8 - 15mm Rod Clamp with ratcheting locks.
    • $10 - Rubber Shoulder Pad.
    • $18 each - Two Cinevate Lock Blocks (AKA: Cable Clamps). Allen Key(s) included (Not pictured).
    • $15 - Cinevate Small Camera Grip (1/4" female threads on both ends).
    • $25 - Five Sima Quick Connect Baseplates; I only have four quick release plates for these, one of which is missing the rubber surface. The $25 is for all 5 and the four plates.
    • $50 - Giottos MH5001 3-Way Pan Head (with Quick Release). I barley used this so it's basically brand new.
    • $10 - CowboyStudio Super Clamp. Again, barley used; Like new.

    Everything is gone! Thanks!
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