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FS: LOMO Lenses 18mm, 28mm, 37-140mm zoom. OCT18 mount

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  • FS: LOMO Lenses 18mm, 28mm, 37-140mm zoom. OCT18 mount

    Selling off my backup LOMO lens collection.

    All lenses are OCT18 mount.

    First 2 numbers of serial number are the year they were made.

    18mm OKC5-18-1 f2.5. Serial # 920131 $400

    28mm OKC7-28-1 f2. Serial # 890009 $300

    37-140mm Foton Zoom f3.5. Serial # 700142 $300
    zoom-1.jpgzoom-2.jpgzoom-3.jpgzoom-4.jpgzoom-5 wide.jpgzoom-6 tight.jpg

    All the primes are in great condition, minimal cleaning marks, no fungus. All primes focus smooth and are fully functional.

    The zoom lens is in worse condition. It has two dings on the rear element, which actually don' affect the image in any noticeable way. Check out the pictures. Also, the aperture on the lens doesn't work. It's always fully open, which isn't a huge issue, as I have always used it wide open. Still an awesome lens.

    Also, the zoom lens has a 60mm front filter thread. I have installed a 60-62mm step up ring, and then a 62-82mm step up ring for the 82mm metal lens cap.

    Here is a video shot with the zoom lens. It was the only lens used in the shoot.

    The 18mm has a specially made front ring with a focus gear and an 82mm and a 62mm filter thread on it. Includes the 82mm metal cap.

    All pictures taken through lenses are the lens they follow in the attachments.

    PM me for details.