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FS: Zeiss Jena 50mm 1.8 Pancolar (Zebra)

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  • FS: Zeiss Jena 50mm 1.8 Pancolar (Zebra)

    I have a Zeiss Zebra f1.8 for sale. Cosmetically, it looks great. There's some wear on the thread but it's nice otherwise. There are a couple of tiny specks of dust inside and a very small light mark toward the front of the glass. It looks like it is beneath the lens, so I don't think it's a scratch. It's super small and faint. Can't tell what it is. Possibly a micro coating dot.

    I have not tested the lens but the previous owner said the dust doesn't affect the image. Can't say so for myself!

    Asking $100/shipped OBO

    These usually run for $150+

    50mm1.jpgzeiss2.jpgzeiss3.jpg | My Reel