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Selling my BMCC and Rig [AUS]

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    Hi Nick, let me tell you man, this business is like a disease, you can,t get rid of it, it is like the Roach motel commercial's slogan here in the US " you check in but you don't check out, jambredz advice is a logical one, you can find many film students to help you do your production, most of them will work to learn, then you can concentrate on being a DP, wishing you good luck man.


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      Jambredz, yeah I've done that twice now (one with the BMCC, one just 5Ds) and it's been a lot of fun because I'm not tied down with weeks and weeks of prep and post and editing.
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        Nick, once you sell the BMC get treat yourself to the 85 1.2 or at least the 70-200 2.8 IS. Then bank the rest of the money and go out and make more money doing what you do. The BMC will be there down the road if you wish to return to it. Until then, film with your MK3 and have fun with projects.

        Peace man!


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          85 1.2 - not cool IMO

          Minimum focus? Big heavy, overpriced, sloppy ring (and no one likes a sloppy ring)?

          Best canon tele ive touched (IMO) is the 70-200/4 non IS!


          Imo photography is like skiing - "bend zee knees"


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            Bend zee knees! LOL. Love that.

            85 1.2 a sloppy lens? LOL, Love that one too.

            I have the 70-200 2.8 IS and the 70-200 f4 non IS. I agree. The f4 non IS is a great optic.


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              Best of luck with whatever you do Nick! Thanks for contributing, hope to see you around.

              85/1.2 is a bit sloppy in the handling i agree with.. slow as hell with autofocus.. min focus can be bummer at times. It also doesn't work on the BMCC right now which sucks. But the image really is gorgeous. I always forget until i shoot something with it. In some ways you could liken it to the BMCC, a few things make it a bit clunky to work around but the picture is so worth it.
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                Wow Nick. Didn't expect to hear this. I have absolutely loved you stills and your incredible grades of other people's DNGs during the long wait for your BMCC. The way you are handling your sale and not rampantly profiteering is yet another mark of what a true gent you are/ Best of luck with your still photography and I really do hope that you get the occasional itch in the future to borrow / rent a BMCC and share your work witty the rest of us.


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                  I'm not the tallest fellow (5'9") haha. I sometimes have to tip toe to get that slight looking up angle! (which is where an apple box would be handy!)


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                    Originally posted by jambredz View Post
                    I think you should hook up with person's with projects and JUST DP alone (like regular DP's do ) This way you can stick around and we can get to see your work . I agree that doing all those other stuff alone can be quite overwhelming.
                    Yep, was thinking the same thing.....sometime later this year I will be producing a short film and was thinking of getting in touch with Nick to DP. Like your style !
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                      Originally posted by nickjbedford View Post
                      I'm not the tallest fellow (5'9") haha. I sometimes have to tip toe to get that slight looking up angle! (which is where an apple box would be handy!)
                      Don't worry man I am only 5'6" 166cm , I'd love to be 5'9"


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                        Oh darn.. hoping as well that you'll continue to stick around.. you were always kinda the voice of reason here
                        Good luck Nick!!!


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                          I am shocked! Good luck on your various endeavors.


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                            Props for not price-gouging your fellow aussies.


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                              Originally posted by randyman View Post
                              Sorry to hear about this, Nick - but I understand that priorities change.

                              With the talk going on about flipping cameras, I feel like pointing out that Nick's willingness to sell at cost is a point of honor for me, and worth noting.

                              Though some feel justified with "supply and demand, supply and demand," I can't help feeling that to go for a 33%-50% markup when cameras are scarce is a pretty sleazy thing to do. It's just scalping. It's illegal to do with gasoline or food during a hurricane or natural disaster, because people intuitively know it's wrong.

                              What Nick's doing is the way to help a brother (or sister) out, and I wish more people had his attitude. Just my opinion; clearly, others feel differently.


                              Good luck Nick!

                              Very nicely done video btw, a shame the world's eyes loose a videographer like you - for now! I've seen so many horribly done videos with the BMC lately and still people were crazy about it - seems that in BMC-country the One-Eyed is king. You are a two-eyed!

                              Will trade my as-new BMPCC 4K v.1.0 for two new BMPCC 4K V.2.0


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                                Thanks guys! I've still got the lens and the 2 SSDs left for those who were wondering if the camera's still there (camera and rig are pretty much sold).

                                Here's me on Sunday doing a shoot for a band. Very simple, just ambient light and some improvising in an old quarry haha. I find it much more challenging when you can't use the light (soft and cloudy as it was) to change the image. You have to be creative!